SDL Tridion, The Most Interesting Man, and Chuck Norris

Which make better Tridion geek jokes?

The Most Interesting Man in the World

I don't always manage content, but when I do, I use SDL Tridion.
I don't always edit content, but when I do, I use SiteEdit.
I don't always develop GUI extensions, but when I do, I work on the PowerTools.
I don't always use an alphabetical taxonomy, but when I do, I use those A keys.

System admins let him install Visual Studio on production servers.
When he uses XSLT filters, every node has attribute class="interesting."
His beard can convert VBScript Component Templates to Compound Modular Templates.
He uses one template building block in all his templates. Each take only one parameter called "interesting."
Static pages became dynamic when he browses them.
He has bronze through platinum StackOverflow badges. They all say "interesting."

Chuck Norris

Chuck Norris can synchronize components by simply changing schema.
Chuck Norris can extend a BluePrint without an empty parent.
Chuck Norris separate schema, from design, from content while still using one publication.
Chuck Norris can publish without a target type, a publication target, or a deployer.
Chuck Norris can publish without a website (presentation server).
Chuck Norris can upgrade Tridion 5.2 to SDL Tridion 2011 by round house kicking the servers. 
There are five basic authorization groups:
  1. author
  2. editor
  3. chief editor
  4. CMS administrator
  5. Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris doesn't audit content, he lets compliant content live.
Chuck Norris programs templates in binary, without a mediator.
Chuck Norris can copy and paste components between publications.
Websites don't target Chuck Norris, Chuck Norris targets websites. 
Chuck Norris can unpublish your publication simply by browsing your site.
Chuck Norris can publish multimedia with the same variant id to different locations.
Chuck Norris can publish multimedia with different variant id to the same location.
Chuck Norris's StackOverlflow reputation shows "infinity x 2."

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  1. The GUI asks Chuck Norris which Extensions are allowed.

  2. We don't always add "Easter eggs" to our software, but when we do we use Chuck Norris.


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