Lolcats Generator!

Ok, so Kiwi's not really a cat. But this is from a fun Lolcats tool from Big Huge Labs.

I also liked their inspiration poster tool.


Plausible...  meh. Terrorists would probably get addicted like the rest of the MMORPGers.

Maybe the researcher wants an excuse to play on company time?


I installed Roxio 6 on my Vista machine and did not heed the compatibility warning.

The living room computer boots to a Blue Screen of Death now!

Luckily there's a fix. Unluckily, I can't find the install disk (even though I do have a binder-full of dozens of install disks).

Even worse, the computer boots without keyboard support and I don't have an old P/S keyboard laying around.

This'll be a fun one to fix!


Add meat, herbs, spices, and liquids to a pouch. Cook 350 F for one hour. Done!

Pouch Time!

Made salmon in a pouch.

Spore Was Awesome, While it Worked

I had Spore working for a few days, and then it crashed as I exited. It hasn't worked since.

I've set it to run as administrator, created a shortcut on the desktop, set the compatibility mode for xp sp2, uninstalled and installed it again.... nothing.

When I first installed it, strangely it didn't create a desktop shortcut, no a start menu program group. I had to make a desktop shortcut to get it to work. This is on a single core, Vista 32 bit machine with service pack 1 installed.

I was able to install it and get it working on the 2nd computer (Windows XP).

Logo Version 1

I made this initial logo with Adobe Photoshop elements, the stripped-down, somewhat user-friendly version of photoshop.

I didn't use my regular Paint Shop Pro because it doesn't work with the tablet Christy got me last Christmas.

I'm just missing the "and."