Lolcats Generator!

Ok, so Kiwi's not really a cat. But this is from a fun Lolcats tool from Big Huge Labs.

I also liked their inspiration poster tool.


Plausible...  meh. Terrorists would probably get addicted like the rest of the MMORPGers.

Maybe the researcher wants an excuse to play on company time?


I installed Roxio 6 on my Vista machine and did not heed the compatibility warning.

The living room computer boots to a Blue Screen of Death now!

Luckily there's a fix. Unluckily, I can't find the install disk (even though I do have a binder-full of dozens of install disks).

Even worse, the computer boots without keyboard support and I don't have an old P/S keyboard laying around.

This'll be a fun one to fix!


Add meat, herbs, spices, and liquids to a pouch. Cook 350 F for one hour. Done!

Spore Was Awesome, While it Worked

I had Spore working for a few days, and then it crashed as I exited. It hasn't worked since.

I've set it to run as administrator, created a shortcut on the desktop, set the compatibility mode for xp sp2, uninstalled and installed it again.... nothing.

When I first installed it, strangely it didn't create a desktop shortcut, no a start menu program group. I had to make a desktop shortcut to get it to work. This is on a single core, Vista 32 bit machine with service pack 1 installed.

I was able to install it and get it working on the 2nd computer (Windows XP).

Create and Break Bread!

Christy made cinnamon bread with her new nifty breadmaker. mmm

Logo Version 1

I made this initial logo with Adobe Photoshop elements, the stripped-down, somewhat user-friendly version of photoshop.

I didn't use my regular Paint Shop Pro because it doesn't work with the tablet Christy got me last Christmas.

I'm just missing the "and."