Left Rail, Right? How RWD or RESS impact CMS terminology.

My last few clients have projects that include Responsive Web Design (RWD), often with Server-Side Components (RESS).

Their websites will either feature the same HTML markup which behaves differently based on browser size or if using SDL Mobile or similar technology, the websites might also present different markup or prioritize content differently based on the visitor's device.

It might be too early to tell, but I suspect the focus of the RESS side of mobile devices will be on images. For example SDL's Contextual Image Delivery will transform, deliver, and cache images upon request based on the visitor's context.

From Positions to Priority

However, even in "Mobile First" projects, I still see "left" and "right" column fields or a "left template" in some setups.

Your Next Knowledge Day Session

If you work with a professional services or other expertise-based team, you may eventually be asked to present something to a mixed audience of beginners to experts. We often have these as part of our Knowledge Day Sessions (read about my presentations from last year's sessions).

This post offers some tips, tricks, and suggestions on choosing a Tridion-related topic, though you could apply this to other technical presentations.

1. You Know, and Assume Others Know, Too Much

First of all, with the curse of expertise you don't realize how much you know compared to your audience. It's okay to go over basics to connect with both the experts and beginners--then work your way into the details where it gets challenging by the end. If you're read Art of Explanation, you'll know to start with the forest, then the trees, and use analogies (like I just did). See some quick insights from Art of Explanation's Lee Lefever.

2. Non-Technical Presentations are Okay

Your presentation doesn't have to be technical--you could review what services your team offers, describe plans, or review processes. You could share team history, give consulting tips, or do an ice breaker (like last year's CXM games).