50 Year Old Bookmarks

Can you imagine looking back at bookmarks we have from decades ago?

The Web still feels fresh to me, but I've been using it for at least a decade. The computers I used back then have been replaced, but much of the data persists in backups and backups of backups. Occasionally I find a set of bookmarks that reflect my interests from a given set of time - be it a particular topic, hobby, or subject from school or work.

With social bookmarking sites and tools like Google Bookmarks, my bookmarks in 2009 may last... decades!

I sometimes wonder what my grandparents life was like as teens or at my age. I have a sense of what my parents' lives were like from their and my uncles' and aunts' stories. But some 50 years from now, if I'm lucky enough to have grandchildren, and even if not - the world can look back at us in our splendid 32-bit color 2-dimensional images, blogs, and videos.

Imagine decades from now, a generation getting a picture-perfect, pixel-preserved view of several generations back.