The Presentation that Launched a Tridion Blog or Two

I was an SDL Tridion customer for four years before I joined SDL as a consultant. Four years later I'm hoping I can make a difference for another four or more years in Product Management. Let's start with a reminder to share more.

In February 2012, I gave this presentation to a room of peers. More than few started blogging shortly after. ;-) For the next Tridion blog you find, see if it happened to start in or around March 2012.

It took me this long to get the time (courage) to finally share this presentation. I'm trying to follow my own advice to continue sharing in a new role. What should I focus on?

The Future?

With the help of Product Marketing and UX, we released posts about the future of SDL Web. It's hard sharing about the future mainly because I'm not building the future, but rather helping predict and prioritize the future.

The future sounds so great until... expectations. It'd be too easy to become the Peter Molyneux of enterprise software development.

The Past (~300 Posts)

I learned some things in the past role. But it's odd being close to 300 Tridion-related posts since 2011 (267 here, 13 on TridionDeveloper, and 13 on SDL Community/TridionWorld), while not being sure what to post next. Though I still have a few more topics left in my "tips for Tridion consultants" blogging queue, it's time to move on... to the present.


After tasting what it's like blogging about the future and getting my fill of the past, let's continue collaborating in the present.

I've been recently asking for your feedback on Tridion Meta in terms of custom reports, commenting features, and your extension ideas from the Tridion Developer Summit. I should be clear that I'm looking for your pain and needs (while attempting to predict the future) rather than features. Features for the sake of features are overrated, but we can cover that in another post.

I think my next post might be on how the Idea Fairy (or Idea Fairy Tale) works, but who knows what the future will bring?