Who do you Trust?

Think about the people you trust the most. You might not know why you trust them, but it's likely they have the following according to Stephen Covey's Speed of Trust. Replace "they" with the person, organization, or product you have in mind.
  • Integrity - you believe they do and understand the right thing. They're "normal" in the sense they're not trying to cheat, break rules, or only consider their own needs.
  • Intent - you believe they're trying to do the right thing.
  • Capabilities - you believe in their skills and ability to deliver what they intend to do
  • Results - they have consistently delivered for you (by answering questions or solving problems)
The amazing thing about trust is that, like a lot of other things, it's something you can improve.

We can improve our integrity, intent, capabilities, and results. Sometimes it's reconnecting with what's important, other times it's, "Less talk. More action."

Edit (8 July 2014): fixed some typos and grammar issues.

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