SDL Connected Recap

Much of what happened in Vegas will stay on Facebook or in bits and pieces as recounted in future gatherings. Here are the safe-to-share CXM- and Tridion-related parts.

"CXM Icebreakers" may never go viral, but feel free to share, explain, or use these types of games, format, or explanations. You might find a quick game useful in explaining how to orchestrate contextual experiences for today's empowered customer before, at, or after a purchase or interaction. At the very least, you can wake up an audience.


A sneak peek into what we were planning before the event. 

Day 1

How the game turned actually turned out and an "aha" (or an "oh duh") perspective on Tridion integrations.

Day 2

The second game was even harder, but I think we improved our product knowledge... somewhat.

Day 3

The final presentations sharing SDL's product roadmap will stay in Vegas, sorry. But you can see some of the presentation live at SDL Innovate, June 10 - 12, San Francisco, CA. Or get insights by following @SDLInnovate on Twitter.

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