SDL Connected: Post-Event Team-Building Experience Day 1

We just wrapped up Day 1 of "Connected," our 2014 Knowledge Days team building event. As somewhat expected, Pillars and Journeys included lots of interaction (yelling) and hopefully some learning. Thanks all for being a good sport. Here are the use cases you suggested. I leave out the product details

Pillars and Journeys

*The numbers show the order of the answers. See how the scenarios evolved as the group got warmed up and trust me, the big smile and laughter from my part meant I was definitely impressed.
    Pillar / Step in Customer’s Journey
    3. Before a purchase, a website visitor searches for items using a mobile phone in a given geographic location, looking for user-generated reviews/comments as well as documentation translated into their language. Based on this ambient data, you get insight into what customers are looking for even before they make a purchase.

    1. After a (registered) user makes a purchase they receive follow-up emails which can track actions taken on the website. Social intelligence can also show insight into how customers feel about the product after such purchases.

    4. Parents purchased a complex toy manufactured in a different country, which has material translated into multiple languages along with helpful video and documentation available on a mobile-optimized website. Follow-up email campaigns along with web analytics help you follow their actions post-purchase.
    Contextual Experience
    5. Someone on an older phone searches for a new smart phone to purchase and chats with support before purchasing (in a preferred language). Translated documentation also helps the visitor evaluate the product.

    The product included a complex release cycle with marketing material, rich media, and targeted content.
    2. A visitor makes a purchase on a mobile device, seeing related, contextual content promoted (as an experience). The site integrates with an eCommerce engine.

    *This was seen at an actual retail customer that wanted to create a typical seasonal store front display "experience," but on the Web.

    These scenarios should be familiar to anyone who's researched, purchased, unwrapped, or experienced a product or service. The fun part for my SDL colleagues and the partners that attended was mapping these back to appropriate product, service, or customer example.

    I also attempted to summarize 2 days worth of Media Manager Bootcamp material into 30 minutes. It might not have been my strongest presentation, but read the post to review my main points. Contact SDL Education if you're interested in attending an actual Media Manager Bootcamp or session.

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