SDL Connected: Post-Event Team-Building Experience Day 2

We finished the Day 2, Pillars-to-Pillars game. We learned some lessons getting to the following answers.


  • (Randomly chosen) SDL Social Intelligence Customer Experience Analytics and SDL Media Manager = fairly creative answers including:
    • Media Manager Connector -> Tridion -> ADF -> Website
    • Media Manager -> YouTube -> SI
    • Customer Commitment Framework  (using Twitter hash tags) for Videos that are rated
    • Data from Social Intelligence (in Engine), coming from CMA embedded into MediaManager
    • (Not possible or "this sucks")


  • Beware of making games for people in sales and consulting
  • Yelling hopefully correlates with learning (emotions impact memory and recall)
  • Using random products or modules makes it hard to have fairly objective answers
If running Pillars-to-Pillars, consider picking the product, "connection," or term you want to clarify like "OData."

To learn more about SDL, its Customer Experience Management perspective, and solutions, consider checking out SDL Innovate in San Francisco next week, June 10-12, 2014. 

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