How to Get Started with SDL Tridion

How do I get started with Tridion development?
I've seen this question on Stack Overflow and Linked-In. If you'd like to develop with the SDL Tridion CMS, but don't have a license, see your options in order from the most-to-least costly:
*If I do know you, you know me, or I'm not eligible for a corporate referral bonus when you read this, replace my name with another employee, using the popular work-related social networking site at the time (Linked-In as of November 2011).

Update Nov 6, 2012: Added training as an option to get started and removed "development." It helps to be technical, but not all Tridion work is technical.


  1. I especially liked the "Alvin Reyes" part. Anybody @SDL offering a better deal on the referral bonus? Personally I share 50/50 with my referrals ...

  2. Hey Albert, haven't seen recent blog posts-- did you get a promotion or something? ;-)

    I'll let any of my blog-reading peers chime in, here or privately on a better referral bonus. But sure, for you, I'll go 50/50. I'll even waive the new-guy-buys-lunch requirement if you join the West coast office.

  3. Oh and would-be recruiters: my blog is read by _dozens_ of (mostly bots and) members of the SDL Tridion technical community.

    Feel free to post a comment with your details, job opportunities, or personal whoas related to finding good Tridion-related expertise (and good luck with those 10+ WCM system experience), especially if it helps prove the point on the "hot market!"

    Disclaimer: I can't endorse any specific opportunities or companies I'm not familiar with, nor am I recommending anyone quit their day job. But do try to find a career you enjoy if not outright love.

  4. I sure did get a promotion Alvin. My latest and most prestigious title is: father.

    Now about that recent blogpost: You're right it has been a while. I'll try and squeeze one into my schedule.


  5. As a recruiter, I'll take your challenge! I'm seeking a Tridion Architect for a three month contract in LA.

    Here are some basic deets:
    SDL Tridion architect/developer for a nationally recognized digital agency with a great work environment and supremely talented team.
    The CMS Architect provides technical leadership throughout the lifecycle of a project, with specific focus on Tridion products.
    This ranges from infrastructure design, BluePrinting, technical design, and full integration of products (CDA, SmartTarget, ComStats, WebForms and Content Porter), and includes interfacing with client technology and business teams.

    Please email for more information.

  6. @Albert, congrats! I thought IT was hard until I became a parent. Looking forward to that post, but pick on Julian Wraith, Dominic Cronin, or the original Tridion fanboy. :-)

    @Rebecca, thanks for sharing the info and good luck with your search. It could be useful to my dozen readers.

    Oh and I meant "woe stories" but "whoa" works as well.

  7. Ron Grisnich15 November, 2011

    Recruiters should join SDL Tridion Professionals, the largest Tridion group on LinkedIn (1000+ members):

  8. Thanks for the link, @Ron. The Linked-In group is definitely a resource for job seekers/recruiters.

  9. Hey All,

    Wanted to put my name out there as someone actively looking to hire a few full time people focused on Tridion Architecture/Development.

    Sapient is growing - lots of need for solid talent in the .NET world! NYC and SF are our priorities, but if someone is open to traveling, current location isn't really an issue.

    Anyone open to discussing some details is encouraged to get in touch.

    My email is

    Thanks for your interest,
    James Lewis

  10. Thanks, Alvin!
    I love your blog.
    And, as I am looking for a Tridion Architect or Developer, I will take your suggestion. I appreciate it and look forward to hearing from people in your network. Please see job details below and let me know if you have interest. Candidate should live in San Francisco/Bay Area, LA or NYC but we will consider other domestic locations. This role is virtual (from home), with some onsite and open to travel.
    Amy Elder

    ThoughtMatrix is seeking a Sr. Systems/CMS Architect (or Developer) with Tridion expertise, to guide and deliver ThoughtMatrix's world class content management solutions, based on both open source and enterprise Web content management system (CMS) software, and contribute to developing Web content management and delivery strategies.

    This role provides technical leadership throughout the lifecycle of a project, with specific focus on CMS solutions. This ranges from platform selection through the design, user interface, and technical integration of projects, and includes interfacing with client technology and management teams.


    -3+ (will consider less) years experience working with Tridion as a Web Content Mgmt System

    -5 years overall architecture experience, systems integration, understanding of large scale implementation

    -Prefer if candidate lives in San Francisco/Bay Area, LA or NYC but we will consider other domestic locations. This role is virtual (from home), with some onsite and open to travel.

    -Understanding of multiple technology platforms/languages such as C#, .NET, PhP, etc.

    -Proven leadership and managerial skills to independently manage teams, during multiple phases of the project lifecycle

    -Demonstrated consulting skills, including client relationships and team facilitation

    -Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or related field required

    -Prior experience in a consulting firm preferred

    Send your resume to:

  11. Update July, 2012: SDL's hiring Tridionauts. Ping me if you're interested, I'll gladly share any referral bonus--50% for you and the rest for happy hour for you and your new collegues. ;-)

    This is not a guarantee or offer of employment. All rights are reserved for management by CMS administrators. Standard disclaimers are boring.

  12. Thanks for the suggestion Alvin! You're blog is awesome!

    I would like to network to find Tridion resources.

    I have a large healthcare client in the Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX area that is in need of a Tridion Admin. This position is a long-term rolling contract and after a few weeks on-site, it will be remote. This is an excellent opportunity for someone wanting to get into healthcare!

    This person needs 3+ years of SDL Tridion experience and great knowledge of CMS concepts.
    Strong knowledge of XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML, XSLT and JSP.
    Experience with IBM Websphere Portal is a plus!

    If interested or know of anyone that is, please contact me at!

  13. Preeti Singh07 November, 2012

    Thanks Alvin for replying to me on LinkedIn.

    I have a requirement for Tridion resources for one of my clients in Dallas, TX. This can be a 2 months to 6 months contract.

    If interested please call on 973-315-3208 or email on


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