Alvin vs. October. Alvin wins!

 I didn't have a chance to really pause starting since the end of September. But deep breath, here goes...

I had the last meeting of the 20 five-week classes to complete my Bachelor's of Science in IT (emphasis Business Systems Analysis) on Wednesday, September 28, followed by my last day at a job I loved on that Friday, then I packed that weekend while in San Diego, then went to Europe (missing a connecting flight along the way) to spend an awesome weekend with some very cool/friendly/helpful/smart people in a Portuguese fortress to help start one of the most high-profile volunteer projects I've ever worked on, then flew back to San Diego and right over to San Jose to help check out a new place to live, went back to San Diego to walk in my graduation ceremony, and then took the drive back up to San Jose to start my first week at the new job without the new place ready just yet.

Quick breath and then...

Closed paperwork on the new place in that first week (deposit + first month + prorated half month for
a Bay Area house rental was expected but not pleasant)  and on Friday I got to shadow a fellow consultant for my first client-facing meeting (where I only had to take my foot out of my mouth maybe once) then flew back to San Diego to make the BIG MOVE.

Two weeks later we drove back, finalized the house move by clearing out the old place and putting out the final items for donation on the porch. Also helped the desk at Champion Ballroom (the home studio of the outrageously fabulous Mary Murphy, currently a celebrity of SYTYCD-fame, but a long-time friend/mentor/boss to me), stayed at Grandpa's, and celebrated Halloween with both sets of parents while in town.

That was pretty much my October. Next!

I now have a greater appreciation for my family, my tolerance for travel, and garage sales.

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