When to Complain

MadCookie once pointed out that team members at work should report problems with their computers to the help desk (I'm pretty sure there's even a written policy to do so).

The idea is that if only certain people complain, especially if there's a real problem, then the issues may not be addressed. So the "complainers" end up looking like they're crying wolf.

Additionally, if we don't complain to the right people, then there's little accountability and the right people can't fix the right problem.

This reminds me of arguments with the significant other. It's frustrating to get the complaint "you always.." or "every single time..." or another along the idea that I've consistently wronged her.

My counter is "why am I just finding out now?" or "why didn't you tell me sooner?"

There's a balance to be found though. Because if we constantly complain without working on solutions and improving communication with each other, then we end up just nagging.

So maybe if the right people complain about the right things, then the right recipients of those complaints and find the right solutions... right?

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