Beans Beans, Some Like Them Photosynth'd

So it's not exactly a bowl of chili, but per popular demand* here's my very own personal photosynth!

Notes (not all about Photosynth):

  • Okay so it wasn't even a request, but one of MadCookie's comments that made me think of doing this
  • It's a Microsoft Live tool so you don't need to remember another password (unless, of course, you don't have a Microsoft Passport or hotmail account yet)
  • Take more pictures than you think are necessary--I felt I took more than the 19 pictures in the photosynth.
  • Embedding the photosynth on the blog seemed to slow down the page load
    Firebug confirmed it added about a second. But considering the whole page took 8 seconds to load, I have other issues to consider.
  • I'm not sure if Photosynthing a particular brand of canned food would be a copyright or a Photosynth EULA violation. I'm not suggesting I make that particular brand of beans, nor am I trying to sell it!
  • Once I decided to make this, it took 2 minutes to take the pictures (really, I checked the timestamps), and took just a few minutes more to install Photosynth. The processing took the longest, but I just walked away and did other stuff while I waited.

1 comment:

  1. I'm honored by your bean display. I am now even more motivated to Photosync my food - especially chili.


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