Understanding TOM.NET Before Using TOM.NET

Coming from a mix of business analysis and ASP.NET development on the content delivery side, I've typically looked at the Tridion Object Model's API as that "next hard step" in my technical development and understanding. 

After working with it a bit more, I realize my hesitation was unfounded. As my colleague, The Huizard, might say, "it's just an API." Though he was actually referring to the Core Service, functionally-wise, the Content Management APIs, tools, and editors follow the same underlying rules (more or less--feel free to share your favorite "gotchas" in a comment below).

So if you understand this...

And this...

Then with some practice, TOM.NET, the Core Service, or even Content Porter are not as challenging as they might appear. Especially if you consider the Content Manager Explorer has used the same APIs to do its work (now fully through the Core Service in SDL Tridion 2013).

Understanding the separation between managed content and display or between the content management system and content delivery is key to understanding Tridion functionality. I also suggest that understanding Tridion functionality forms a strong starting point in understanding its Content Manager APIs.

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