Discover the Power of SDL Tridion 2013

I last made a "training plug" for the 2012 Summer discount (Trained and Untrained). The latest and greatest offer from Global Education is the SDL Tridion 2013 Discovery Course.

Best Parts of Discovery

After having taken and delivered the "bootcamp" precursors to this training, I think the best parts for Tridionauts like you will be:

  • Hands-on practical time with a built 2013 Tridion environment
  • The chance to engage with your favorite SDL CMT consultants (or give your least favorite ones a hard time) :-)
  • Understanding the biggest 2013 features (hint: it's not all technical)
  • Connecting which features will be benefits for your organization or clients

Inspired by this year's and previous Bootcamp sessions, this type of course combines the exploratory free-flow sessions typical of the Bootcamps with the structure and format we normally have in formal training.

Tips for the Session

  1. Come prepared. You'll get the most out of the sessions if you have at least a few months of Tridion experience. Though there's plenty of information for non-technical attendees, you'll want to at least be familiar with Visual Studio and/or bring a programming colleague with you. Reading the documentation on SDL Live Content can help as well.
  2. See. Do. Connect. This is a standard approach to training and workshops--be sure to watch and then follow the exercises as described and then try variations and experiments. You might miss important points by rushing ahead, speaking of which...
  3. Syntax matters. The external workflow setup is not C# (lines do not end with semi-colons). Identifiers matter. Be sure to note the proper namespaces and dlls. Ask the facilitator to slow down or right key points on the board if needed.
  4. Ask questions. As with any training session or workshop, you'll get the most by asking questions to make the material tangible to you.
Careful with questions meant to appear smart or impress your colleagues. Our trainers are also consultants, so at best these may distract the class; though you may just inadvertently invoke the Midas Rule and have to find and share the answer yourself.

Go Forth and Discover 2013!

So are you ready to discover 2013? Leave me a comment on how you plan to get ready, if you're going to training, and/or if you have any question about the latest release. I'm kidding on the last point, go to TRex for 2013 questions or just Google the bits you're interested in.

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