CMS Vision 1: How Fast Can You Make a Page?

I've been thinking about user experiences lately. Having looked at typical content management scenarios (e.g. create a page), I was trying to figure out a better way to explain "this has 12 steps but it should be lower."

In the spirit of the Future of Content series but a bit more meta, I'd like to explore a few topics over the next few posts:
  • How fast can you possibly make a page?
  • Onboarding experiences
  • Templates, Types, and Prototypes
  • Explaining the System
So, how fast can you possibly make a page?

As fast as you can say it.

"Start a new article page. Use the same template as my last page."

"No, the template I used before that."

"Good. Now add a Marketing Banner... with a blue background."

"Use the third background."

"Perfect, yeah, save that banner.

"Go to the main article. Set its date for tomorrow."

"Insert the text from Mr. Tinto's last email, in Outlook."

"Yes, keep rich text but clear any styles."

"Save this in my draft folder but send it to Mr. Tinto for review."

"Email and chat, no text message."

As fast as you can think it.

"Please turn this email request into a page and send it for review when ready."

If this is a bit too abstract for your tastes, visit and comment on the Future of UX and UI of Tridion Sites Part 1 and Part 2.

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