Once a Project Manager... (The Reboot of all SDL Ideas)

About a year back someone apparently liked how I helped reboot SDL Tridion Ideas and so volunteered me to help the community team reboot all of the SDL Idea sites which became an interesting exercise in Midas Rule and change management (change leadership even).

I've heard "Product Management" described as a role with all of the responsibilities but none of the authority. But I'll argue that project management, especially cross-functional project management, is even more challenging.

Credit for the implementation, technical integrations, and managing the actual requests go to the community team and respective product groups. I'm just proud and lucky enough to play the role of "connector" or maybe minor facilitator in the SDL Ideas reboot. Anyways, remembering the mission, being flexible in the details, and sharing ownership while respecting the Midas Rule seemed to work.

Deceptively simple: align public ideas across all SDL product lines. Credit goes to John Backx and Lennert for the reboot. I had the job of poster child saying, "yeah, sure we rebooted SDL Tridion Ideas and it was all good. Sure, sure they don't bite."
The next phase of this project is getting more people to use SDL Ideas while doing my part to respond to ideas that apply to my own projects.


  1. Nice article Alvin. It's great to see this being made consistent across the SDL product lines and users having somewhere to submit their ideas for improving the various products - I've even added a few myself!

    1. Thanks for the comment and the ideas on SDL Ideas. Are you mostly submitting for SDL Tridion Sites (Web/Tridion)? Do you get to work with some of our other products?

    2. Not yet! But with Tridion Docs being brought into the (Tridion DX) fold I hope that will change.

      Having more people working across multiple SDL products will hopefully allow the best of each product to be used. (E.g. "Can the version compare interface that is used on Tridion Sites also be implemented on Product XXXX please?")


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