Congratulations to the SDL Tridion MVP Class of 2015

For the first year since I started using Tridion, I could not keep up with everything. It's awesome. But I'm also sad because I wrote a guide on keeping with the Tridion community.

So rather than (yet another) community video (my last one might be the last one), let me send my congratulations to the group.

Congrats to the SDL Tridion MVP Class of 2015!

Nothing says "good job" like Clip Art. Good job to the MVPs employed by SDL, aka Community Builders.

Winners, Alumni, and Future MVPs

Even before going into the nomination process, I had a feeling this was going to be a hard year to get selected and chosen. Indeed we've had strong contributions by new members and some that didn't qualify for sharing-in-2014 (I prefer the term "alumni" because they don't necessarily leave, but often guide and support the community, even when not doing Tridion anymore). For those that got a nomination but didn't win, see my last post and definitely continue sharing to potentially win in the future.

So Many Topics for a Mature Community

I'm especially impressed by both quality and quantity shared. I especially appreciate the topics—from BluePrinting, to SmartTarget, to even more on GUI extensions we had the bookmarklet challenge, plenty of videos, ways to use "new" software, comprehensive guides, and forecasts for the product (industry). We saw plenty of Tridion Stack Exchange questions and answers (see how you ranked in 2014). Forget podcasts, Robert Curlette brought everyone to a developer summit. This is definitely not a comprehensive list (like I said, it's hard to keep up now), so I encourage you to highlight your favorites publicly or by nominating someone to be part of the next set of community MVPs.

The posts, videos, code, Q&A, and blogs definitely reflect what Product Manager Nuno Linhares calls a mature technical community.

So congratulations and remember sharing in year 2 can be harder than starting. And for those starting (again), it's not necessarily hard, but you do have to start. The rewards in sharing, connecting, and helping others go beyond any company-sponsored award. I even recommending sharing something, anything, non-Tridion and see what you can create (or break, your call). Then come back and get ready for the 2016 MVP awards.

Feel motivated? Need a call to action?

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