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Inspired by Wired Magazine's article on Radical New Teaching Methods, several books on presenting visually (Art of Explanation, Back of the Napkin, and Slideology), and recent internal white boarding training, I started giving the following exercise in my SDL Tridion Functional training.

Nothing beats playing Socrates and watching a group figure something out, though I admit it's very tempting to interrupt.

The steps are simple, but take some disciple:

  1. Ask a question
  2. Optionally draw a starting point
  3. Let the audience arrive to a reasonable conclusion, preferably drawing in the details themselves 
  4. Minimally guide the group, but allow for exploration and dead ends
  5. Confirm their expectations or explain why or how the answer differs

The presentation format above is inspired by Julian Wraith's Tridion Drawn Badly series, but you could do this with chalk on a sunny day, if for example you're training in nice weather.
Video details:
The AWW app lets you collaborate on a drawing and even draw on one device while recording from another. I used free Camstudio for the recording, but probably need to touch base with Robert Curlette of TridionTalk fame on improving the audio.
See if the approach works for you, let me know, and have a great training session!

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  1. Is there any Tridion training Institute in Hyderabad !!!!!


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