Awesome SDL Tridion MVP 2013 Summit

I just posted how to get past hesitation with sharing with the SDL Tridion community. The trick is realizing you're not really sharing with everyone, just the people that find the content they need from you (at some point in the future). You won't be judged and nothing tremendous is at stake. So go, write/code/share what you want! Your friends will help point out anything out of place. But I might point if you don't share (muahaha).

It must have worked, because everyone's now sharing details on another awesome trip (okay it's not really because of me).

Some pics:

Get that fly!

We went off-roading!

"What did one SDL Buddy say to the other?"
"Es de el..."
"Dude, not funny. We're in Portugal."

There are 2 and a half SDL buddies.

And a slide show:

If it looked fun it's because it was some serious Tridion work and play. Know someone who's shared Tridion expertise online and deserves recognition for the past year? Nominate them!

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