Recognizable SDL Tridionauts: An Answerer, a Coder, a Community Builder, Mr P, and the Button Presser.

SDL itself has a few visible Tridionauts in the community. You might recognize them by their online behavior below.


If someone concisely answers your Tridion question regardless of the channel (Linked-In, StackOverflow, or scribbled on a wall in a customer's war room), it might be Nuno Linhares. He will answer questions wherever he finds them.

KnewKnow thinks, "Ooh, a Tridion question."

Q? A.

Mr. Code-ariu

If you follow a link in someone's answer and find a Tridion code snippet as a reference, it might come from Mihai Cădariu. He will share interesting pieces of code that most often he writes himself.

Mr. Code-ariu thinks, "Ooh, Tridion code."


Community Builder (Referred By djbartk)

If you see someone joining the Tridion community, especially Tridion StackExchange (TRex), he or she was more-than-likely referred by Bart Koopman. He will remind you to fulfill your commitment "to the cause" in a nice way.

DJ Bart thinks, "Press the button. You'll like it, yeah."

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Mr. P

If you feel the pressure to make sure your Tridion question is just right, that's likely Mr. P in your subconscious. Though not currently an SDL Tridionaut, Frank van Pufellen is still active on TRex and a leader on StackOverflow for #Tridion questions.

Mr. P thinks, "I pity the fool who asks bad Tridion questions."


Button-Pressing Me

If you find unprompted Tridion sharing, it might be me. I'll ask questions or post Tridion-related info wherever allowed.

I think, "Ooh, a button. Let's press it."

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Got a Tridionaut nick name or observation of others (including your colleagues)? Do share (but be nice)!

Update: added Mr P, fools!

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