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"Find a CMS that won't take over our ASP.NET sites." This was one of the major research and writing prompts I had in my research associate / corporate ninja days.

I'd eventually like to get a sample going, but want to point out that SDL Tridion does not have to take over everything or anything you don't want it to. So although you may have seen or written site Navigation logic that generates an XML or .sitemap file for an entire Tridion website, not all customers want or need SDL Tridion to manage all pages.

This MSDN article describes how to configure multiple Site Maps. The useful part for SDL Tridion implementations is:
<siteMapNode siteMapFile="MySiteMap.sitemap"/>
You can use nested site map nodes, which means if you're using this XML file for navigaiton, Tridion doesn't have to take over your whole site or whole navigation. You can start one Structure Group at a time.

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  1. When researching SDL Tridion Navigation approaches a few years back, before I applied to SDL, we had the chance to chat with Professional Services.

    After having met a Romanian and a few Dutch SDL employees, we hear a distinctly Portuguese accent on the line.

    "Where are you from?" I asked.

    "New York," responds Principal Consultant Nuno Linhares.



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