SDL Tridion-related Online Information. A 30 Second Snapshot.

There's a lot of Tridion info online now, follow Weekly Community Review on TridionWorld to keep up or just Google what you're looking for.

I'm researching for a speech on blogging for Tridion consultants. I'm aware of the new Area 51 Stack Exchange proposal, old and new blogs, and open source projects. But the number of pages, posts, and "Google-able" Tridion-related information was a surprise.

Too Much? Web 3.0 to the Rescue.

The "semantic Web" take on Web 3.0 simplifies the growing number of online Tridion information sources. Simply put, RSS feeds, content with appropriate markup tags, and other APIs let the "aggregators" among us collect and comment on the content out there.

I don't want everything to be automated, though. Some content is old (but still relevant) and the semi-forgotten automated feeds on these sites capture the "Tridion" keyword, which retrieves the smart car frame rather than the Web content software. I mainly rely on a few consolidated sources to find information.


To simplify your Tridion research visit or subscribe to consolidated sources.  SDL WCMS partner Building Blocks blogs on several in-depth Tridion topics (with sample code!), Harsh Udeshi aggregates blogs on, and the SDL Tridion MVPs consolidate technical posts on

Got Code?
See open source Tridion code on Google Code and GitHub. The official community (as opposed to the organic one we're growing) on TridionWorld has examples I follow and referencere regularly as well as a wealth of information in the fairly-active forum (no matter how old you call it).
The ultimate source, and my favorite is the Weekly Community Review on TridionWorld. Authored by Nuno Linhares and Bart Koopman, it provides a snapshot of activity across everything above including graphs and word clouds.
Kudos to you if you can change the size and variety of words in that cloud. After a minor technical incident after the last MVP retreat aboard a TAP flight, "international tap" showed up in the cloud for October 9, 2009.

If you don't have time, feel overwhelmed, or wonder why everyone doesn't blog on the same site, follow:

We don't have complete coverage yet, but a Google search on SDL Tridion topics might surprise you.

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