SDL Tridion 2011 Favorites Feature

This isn't about my favorite SDL Tridion CME feature (that's currently a tie between BluePrinting and Where Used?), but a quick video on how a content author can save favorites.
The "send to my favorites" feature was especially useful with Tridion R5.3, where the browser didn't show "bookmark-able" URLs. We can now directly link to items via the browser address bar, but it helps to have these built-in options in the same place that authors do their work. Can you guess where the data is saved?

30 Seconds

Setting Camstudio to 30 seconds, I miss the cut-off by a split moment. Hopefully you'll get the idea from the video.

Ooh, A Favorite. What's the Big Deal?

The introduction of a Web content management system often involves a change in content ownership, new responsibilities, mandatory (and sometimes missed) training, and the occasional quirks and bugs that come with any new technology.

I feel we owe some love to the authors to make the content management experience at least a little smoother. Use this to go to your specific folders and avoid my #1 Tridion tip for would-be content authors:
When in doubt, check what publication you're in.
Happy authoring! 


  1. Now I know why there are so few Tridion videos. It's like recording a voicemail--you get it right after the fifth time. And this isn't even the most technical subject.

    I'd hate for anyone to watch me stumble around an XSLT or some C# code. How much do you guys prepare before hitting record?

  2. I never prepare much, but do typically need two or three takes. And that is for videos targeted at SDL people, mind you. The first take I typically get the story pretty much right, but there's too much uhm... and ahhh... in there. The second take drops those, but it is normally longer then the first take. So I do a third take to shorten it, but it ends up even longer. That is when I usually decide that any further takes will end up feature length movies and give up, convert and send it off.


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