Too Many Games!

With Fable 2, Fallout 3, Gears of War 2, and now Left 4 Dead all out at the same time, I have the console, the games, but no time to play!

Being a new parent, I've found the pick-up-and-play shooter games are easier to play and enjoy. Single player of course! "Hold on the baby's crying," is too embarrasing an excuse to leave or hold up a multiplayer group. Not because of age or parental status or anything like that, but because it smacks of neglect (whether or not it's true)!

Gone are the 18-hour marathon MMORPG sessions! Well at least until the kid's old enough to type.

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  1. You have stumbled onto the reason I have Friday-night cave time. Friday after the kids are in bed, it is my game time until late (or early the next morning). All the other nights, I try to remain sensible as I don't want to be low on sleep and high on tension or high-risk for sleeping at work. ;)


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