SDL Tridion Humour Part 4

Google analytics tells me my most popular posts are about Tridion basics, Tridion humour, or Lolcats (go figure). Let's add one more to the last 3 attempts at Tridion and consulting humour (Consulting jokes, the Most Interesting Man and Chuck Norris, and SDL Tridion MVP Dynamics). Now with more pictures!

On Language

What do you call someone that knows two languages?


What do you call someone that only knows one language?
American. :-|

Around the Office

On becoming a consultant:
"I got tired of working with vendors. So I joined one."

Did you hear about the Microsoft guru who self-nominated for the SDL Tridion Community MVP instead of Microsoft MVP? Hopefully, neither did Microsoft.

Tridion Portmanteaus 

"What do you call someone that works with Tridion?"
Tridionaut. (-naut from ancient Greek for sailor, e.g. Agronaut, astronaut, cosmonaut...)

"How about someone that pretends to know Tridion?"

"What are you when breaking best practices?"

"Tridion know-it-all?"

"A beautiful Tridionaut?"

Random Photoshop Fun

With some repeats worth revisiting.
One of these heads isn't like the other.
One of these heads just doesn't belong.
Can you tell which is not like the others?
(not sure how well the Sesame Street reference translates)
Have fun at !SiteEdit, New UI,
Experience Manager Bootcamp?
Thanks BB in AmsterdamCoded Weapon
Nick in New YorkKnewKnow on SweetEdit, and NetWhisperer Madhu.
Nick Fury! Don't make this guy mad. :-)
The Most Interesting Tridionaut.
The Huizard of Tridion.
Down in front!
tl;dr, the book!


  1. ROFL. Good stuff Alvin.

  2. LOL! I believe I can fly! :)

  3. So glad I'm not in the heads picture, guess that means I still do have hair \o/

  4. I don't always laugh, but when I do... I laugh my ass off


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