What's the context? A story about pairs.

We've finally found and purchased our "forever home" back in San Diego. We're now in Alpine, though we've considered places such as Fallbrook or Temecula. Some of the places prompt people to say, "that's far!"

We joke, "far... from where?"

Distance is a measurement of at least two locations. There's always an origin and destination, otherwise, you can't tell if something is near or far.

You don’t have to answer questions...

“You don’t have to blog (articles). You could share... code.” Those are the words that encouraged a colleague and friend to start yet another Tridion blog. He literally called it “Yet Another Tridion Blog” and has shared mostly, well... code.

After blogging hundreds of posts about Tridion, content management, and business analysis (over 300 last I counted), I’ve developed the rewarding habit of encouraging other people to share with their respective communities. This is typically about Tridion (Sites or Docs), but I’ve seen and (hopefully) helped others jump into other online communities.