Headless Does Not Mean Page-less

I've heard confusion over pages, (modular) content, and "dynamic" content for as long as I've worked with content management.

To revisit the topic, I want to be clear that "headless" does not mean page-less. There is a legitimate and quite familiar use case for "dynamic content" without pages, but we shouldn't ignore some critical points about content management, human perception, and the nature of the internet or specifically the World Wide Web.

Stuff I've Learned About Product Management

Nearing four years into product roles for "enterprise product management," I've learned a few practical lessons that the product, UX, or leadership books, websites, and podcasts seem to gloss over or assume.

Specifically, remembering your audience creates a strong pressure on your communication skills. Roadmaps expire and you'll recreate them over and over again. And you have to be willing to break the "rules."