More Blogging Tips for the Tridion Professional

Make a Tag Cloud

Want your very own tag cloud? Check out

This is based off CreateAndBreak's RSS feed.

Blog Template Generation

Bored of the canned templates? I've used Artisteer as a relatively inexpensive ($50-$130 US) template creation tool that generates templates for popular blog formats. You can even create a plugin if you wanted to say, generate DWT and Tridion templates with it.

Your Content


  • Stuck on a topic? Start a post, save it, and come back later.
  • Feeling emotional? Happy, pissed off, or like you did something awesome? There's a good topic there. Don't post if you're really upset though.
Open a document or project you've worked on and then see if there's something particular that:
  • You've seen or done over and over
  • You're particularly proud of
  • Your customers need help with
Anonymize appropriately and you have something that can span one, two, or maybe five posts.

No time?

Practice. You get faster.
Make a template in your blog.

Got time?

Read more CreateAndBreak posts on blogging. I like meta-blogging. :-)

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