CXM Pillars and Journeys Cheat Sheet

Here's a cheat sheet for the CXM Ice Breakers game with some possible answers for Pillars and Journeys and Pillars-to-Pillars. The advanced version would have you confirm version numbers.
  • SDL Archive Manager
  • SDL BeGlobal
  • SDL Campaign Management & Analytics
  • SDL Content Porter
  • SDL Context Engine Cartridge
  • SDL Contextual Image Delivery
  • SDL Customer Analytics
  • SDL Social Intelligence Customer Experience Analytics
    (Customer Commitment Dashboard)
  • SDL Fredhopper
  • SDL LiveContent
  • SDL Media Manager
  • SDL Social Media Monitoring (SM2)
  • SDL Tridion
  • SDL Tridion Connector for CMIS
  • SDL Tridion Connector for SDL Media Manager
  • SDL Tridion Online Marketing Explorer
  • SDL Tridion Profiling and Personalization
  • SDL SmartTarget
  • SDL WebForms
  • SDL WorldServer
  • SDL Quatron
As a reminder of how to understand pillars, here's the basic idea:
  • Insights -- anything related to monitoring, analyzing, and otherwise capturing customer information, behavior, and sentiment around you, your websites, or your products
  • Orchestration -- anything that helps you create, edit, profile, and gather a mix of editorial or technical content along with back-office systems. Think any Content Management System and content project-related software.
  • Contextual experience -- content/presentation, translation, and localization specific to a visitor's context (which is more than just their device and can include location, what they're trying to achieve, etc).
To save time soliciting product, module, and add-on names and making a drawing of sorts, you can use an online random number generator.

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