You're Not Really a Tridionaut Until You've...

  • experienced the 5 stages of Tridion.
  • been schooled on StackOverflow or TridionWorld.
  • extended the Content Manager. <cough>that's what she said!</cough>
  • broken a Content Delivery install so badly you had to start over.
  • added "check jars, dlls, jdbc, and configs" to your personal mantras.
  • verified and logged a bug in the product (which, of course, rarely happens).
  • been asked to train someone on a module you haven't had a chance to really use... tomorrow.
  • started an intense exercise program such as triathlon training. Failing that, you likely earned and hopefully lost your "Tridion Ten/Twenty." (10kg or 20lbs) It's also called "consultant gut." :-(
  • received Linked-In invites for contract/temporary/full-time employment for in a different state, region, or country for anything from half to twice your current income.
  • lacked the time to really check Linked-In, think about your career, or even this blog. Quick, back to the ship, you've got websites/documentation/code/projects/tickets/random-Tridion work to create or break!

Safe travels as you launch from Tridion World into Tridion Space, fellow Tridionaut.

Other suggestions welcome, leave a comment and I'll add it to the list!

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