Amusing JSON Details

I had a client practically teach me JSON in the middle of a functional design session yesterday. Yeah, you can't escape proper Tridion Content/Page Type analysis (a subset of Information Architecture or IA) without looking at markup, in this case it was in JSON rather than the typical XHTML, HTML, or XML (actually it will be HTML 5 escaped within a JSON string along with additional members).

Refreshingly familiar and easy-to-remember, I'm not sure why I didn't catch these amusing, memorable JSON details before:
  • Objects have brackets, reminiscent of your first Hello World class in your favorite language.
    { }
  • Arrays have straight brackets
    [ ]
  • Members even have serial commas, the way I like (am accustomed to) them in prose. Though my Dutch colleagues might disagree.
Now, I'm curious if the team will produce XML that renders to JSON or use a (DWT) template building block for layout and the format. Luckily I'm just on the design side this round. :-)

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