Nominate the Next SDL Tridion MVP

Are you MVP material? You might be surprised at how simple it is to qualify by following these three steps:
  1. Use SDL Tridion
  2. Share
  3. Get Nominated


You need to use SDL Tridion, the software (hint: there is no SDL Tridion, the company). You do not need to be a consultant nor an SDL employee. Yours truly even won a title as a non-developer (at-the-time), non-partner, project manager that did business analysis and software purchases.

SDL employees can earn a "Community Builder" title. Don't let working for the company prevent you from actually liking and sharing about the software. ;-)

See my post on how to get to use the software if you're not sure on step one and after some time with the software, get ready for step two.


You need to share your "passion, knowledge" or "know-how" about the web content management system (WCM). The award program page states:
To receive the MVP award, nominees go through a review process by the MVP Selection panel. This panel will evaluate each nominee's voluntary contribution to the community over the past 12 months, the quality of their feedback and knowledge, and level of impact. Active MVPs will be re-evaluated every year, and the MVP title is only valid for one year each time. Active MVPs do not have to re-nominate, but are asked to continue their sharing activities.
How do you find the time? Ever document and share some useful tip or trick? Ever search for an answer on the forum? Ever create a solution or approach that "everyone" knows about or should already know? Any of these could be a quick copy-and-paste into a blog, forum, or social media post. Have a complaint that you can't direct to any one in particular, what to share a grand vision that would never fly at your current place, or are amazed at what the WCM can or can't do? These are all great opportunities to share.

What about proprietary information? Use your own discretion, but it's fairly easy to avoid using customer names and provide specific yet generic examples that don't violate intellectual property. When in doubt, see the types of info the last set of MVPs are sharing or follow the community review on TridionWorld.

Where to share? The MVP page mentions:
  • Personal websites
  • Community eXtensions
  • Forum threads
  • SDL Tridion Ideas website
  • Social network sites     

What if you're scared or you actually hate the software? I can't help you much here, but sharing what you know is an easy way to learn more and overcome shyness. The anonymity of the information super highway makes it such that you don't even need to interact with real live people. Finally, sharing your expertise could be a way into something different (for an example, read Phil Simon's background from ERP consultant to Simon 2.0, a "platform" that includes "website design, writing, book coaching, marketing," and areas he wasn't even formally trained for).

And for the last part...


You need to get nominated. All it takes is an email to sdl.tridion.mvp (at) Yes you can nominate yourself and again, no you don't have to be the best Tridion resource out there. Get the easy-to-follow email "template" on the official SDL Tridion MVP page at:

Actually, let me make it easy, click here to start an email to the committee. (I removed the to avoid spam. Be sure to add it back and spot-check your nomination meets the selection committee's requirements).

If after reading all three steps you know the MVP program isn't something you're interested in, still consider nominating your favorite sharer. Understand I think highly of the existing MVPs and don't let me bias you, but more non-technical, US-based, non-male candidates would be nice. As my fellow Californians might admonish, "represent!"

There you go, the 1-2-3 breakdown to become an SDL Tridion MVP and earn uber-geek global status. Check out how much fun we had last year and hope to see you at a future event, training, engagement, or possibly the next retreat.

*It is simple, but depending on your propensity or desire to share, may not be that easy. If in doubt, start with a post to TridionWorld.

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