More Tridionauts

The SDL Web (Tridion) technical community has been around for over a decade (as seen in the earliest SDL Tridion World posts). The last few years has seen a large growth in public information, collaborative projects, and personal blogs. Welcome to the new new community.

Here are some of the resources out there.

Official Documentation

The SDL documentation is open and allows for comments. Be sure to check out the SDL Tridion Reference Implementation, an example open source Tridion implementation for customers (Tridion license and software required).

Forums and Q&A

Code Repositories

Events and Groups


See a (now outdated) blog list on SDL Tridion World.

Aggregated Lists

tl;dr? See the YouTube Snapshots Instead

February 2012 

 October 2012

Anything else? Feel free to leave a comment and I might update the list. As fellow colleague Asier observed, it is a fast-growing community.


  1. This is pavan and have been working on SDL Tridion since 1 year. I would like to do SDL tridion developer certification and have few queries on SDL certification.Below are the queries:

    1. How to apply SDL certification
    2. Do there any prometric centers to write exam in India
    3. Please provide SDL certification reference documents or links for preparation
    4. Do there any trainings available online sessions or classroom session available in India

    Please help in addressing above queries.

    1. Hello Pavan. See my post on the certification exams. Contact SDL Education for taking the exam. The certification has two parts--the online test and an interview. SDL Education can help you with training schedules, access (online or onsite), and pricing. Not all onsite courses are available online yet, but the online curriculum continues to grow and adapt to customer needs.


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