MVP Chat Part 2

Two years ago the MVP group chat was young and innocent. But at some point someone introduced "Sweary Tuesdays." Oh damn. We've also turned the geekery up a bit (hover over text for cypher translations or look them up yourself).

@wntr: It's F-in Sweary Tuesday!
 +Alvin Reyes: Oh hell no!
@nick: John, did you just try to answer that question on Trex? I'm way ahead of you, man.
+Nuno Linharesfuvg, ebg13 ehyrf!
+Dominic Cronin聮聯耬 聦聵聣聫聥聲聳耬 聲聯聴耸耰耰耰 聲聵聬聥聳耡

+Robert Curlette: how about Klingon instead? Oh and happy Tuesday, petaQ's!
@FrankMTaylor: We should use predator instead. Hold up, let me reskin my blog.
@wntr: Bastards, see TRex and vote for me! @Nick, you're on holiday with pay until I catch up.
+Mihai Cădariu: Ooh, a Java question. I F-in love Java!
+Eric Huiza: I'm sorry, Mihai, the TRex question would work better with .NET. Why is everyone cursing, again?
+Alvin Reyes: Aww, we're code complete now. Java and .NET, ftw! Oh and welcome to MVP chat. We swear on Tuesdays.
 +Peter Kjaer: Don't hate. Code. I mean code, mothers. And don't break the F-in PowerTools build.
@ChrisSummers: Gentlemen, crap, I broke Tridion this time. @nick and @wntr, thanks for answering.
+Bart Koopman: Hey, Sweary Tuesday's only for MVP chat. What's going on in TRex? Don't make me put on my moderators hat!
@MonicaManzano: ...
+Jaime Santos:  Oh shhh shhh, Monica's going to say something.
+Quirijn Slings: +1 to @Peter. DD4T works for Java and .NET.
+Julian Wraith has left the chat. Just kidding! Hey, who's presenting next?!
@RobertStevenson-Leggett: I have examples from the last retreat. But does it have to be in Klingon?
@Orlav: Привет but umm... one moment while I read 100 Skype messages.
@Raimond: +1 (now it's 101 messages!)
@MonicManzano: ...
@Nivlong: Hey I have a new post making fun of MVP chat. It's quite realistic I hope.
+Nuno LinharesLrnu, guvf vf rknpgyl jung V gubhtug gur ZICf jbhyq or qbvat jura jr fgnegrq.
+Dominic Cronin聗聥聬聬耬 聩聴 聩聳 聴聨聥 聵聬聴聩聭聡聴聥 聧聥聥聫聥聲聹 聡聮聤 聰聲聩聣聥 聹聯聵 聰聡聹 聦聯聲 聧聡聴聨聥聲聩聮聧 聴聨聩聳 聭聡聮聹 联聲聩聤聩聯聮聡聵聴聳 聩聮聴聯 聯聮聥 聣聨聡聴 聲聯聯聭耮 聗聨聡聴 聤聩聤 聹聯聵 聥聸聰聥聣聴耬 聎聵聮聯耿
@MonicManzano: Happy Tuesday, my biotches!!!
@wntr: ...
 +Alvin Reyes: ...
@nick: ...
+Nuno Linhares: ...
+Dominic Cronin耮耮耮
+Robert Curlette: ...
@FrankMTaylor: ...
+Eric Huiza: System.Console.WriteLine("...");
+Mihai Cădariu: System.out.println("...");

The above example is a purely fictional dramatization of MVP chat but it explains why I set Skype to Do-not-Disturb on Tuesdays (or actually most client-facing days). With open global Tridion Chat now available, maybe it'll be as chatty but hopefully not as sweary.

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