Quick, Pick the most Important SDL Tridion Item!

The unofficial SDL Tridion fridge magnet kit is alive and well in the office.

I didn't take an updated picture. Not seen here are bucky ball magnets and an impossible-to-implement BluePrint design.
To quiz our project manager, I asked which part was first and most important. Some choices included:
  • Schemas
  • Components
  • Structure Groups
  • Folders
  • Publications

Mr. Code-ariu and I knew the answer was Schema, of course. But our project manager impressed us by pointing out a generic Publication icon (not seen in the picture) as one of the first and most important parts of an SDL Tridion implementation.

Congrats, Stacy, you passed! You win umm.. a mention on an SDL Tridion blog read by a dozen readers and my appreciation for the humbling, "ah ha" moment.

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