The cost of translation

Translation memory reduce the cost of translation, especially for previously-translated content.

Things you/I didn't know about RWS

It's been over a decade since I joined SDL, now RWS, and after all this time I'm still learning and helping others learn about our technology and services.

Orchestrating an online event: when my performance hobbies catches up with a conference for work


That was the feeling I had when preparing and delivering my lightning talk for the Tridion Expert Summit 2021 for the Americas earlier this year.

Mainly, in preparation for the TXS event, we practiced in our streaming backend system, which is distinct from the digital asset management used to deliver pre-recorded videos, which is also distinct from the event front-end.

It took a moment for some of us presenters to clarify the difference between the off-stage and on-stage (or backend and frontend) elements of the setup.

What's the context? A story about pairs.

We've finally found and purchased our "forever home" back in San Diego. We're now in Alpine, though we've considered places such as Fallbrook or Temecula. Some of the places prompt people to say, "that's far!"

We joke, "far... from where?"

Distance is a measurement of at least two locations. There's always an origin and destination, otherwise, you can't tell if something is near or far.