New Year. New Role.

After a crazy 2020 and my family's move back from the Netherlands to the US, I'm ready to start a new role as a business architect within SDL Professional Services in our NASA division (that's North America / South America and not, well, NASA) .I've had a part-time project with SDL to kick off new advisory services in North America since September. Luckily we were able to transition this to a full-time position starting tomorrow. Happy New Year! :-)

What does this mean for the community and those who've worked with me?

Much won't change. I'm looking forward to seeing people continue their participation in the SDL Community, vote and submit product enhancement requests on SDL Ideas, and ask/answer questions on Tridion Stack Exchange. Share your experiences with each other as well as through our UX research program.

On my side, I might have another post or two on product management and ownership. For example, read about how we added touch support to a familiar enterprise content management system. And though I miss the role, I continue to apply a product and UX mindset to my new work.

I mainly look forward to helping customers in their projects as well as exploring, developing, and sharing "yet another" set of new practices. Read about some of my new work read about our business process offerings and the press release for the Content Supply Chain Advisory Service

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