Congrats 2016 SDL Web Community Winners!

Congrats to the SDL Web 2016 Community MVP Winners!

Five quick tips for a successful year:

  1. Enjoy the uber geek status. Be sure to get to the retreat if you can. It's awesome.
  2. Keep sharing. Year two is harder than winning the first year.
  3. Don't under-appreciate what you have to offer.
  4. Don't get complacent or over-confident either. Winners aren't "the best," though the best often share.
  5. Connect with others and encourage the next generation of sharers.
To previous winners that "fell off" this year, welcome to the alumni group. Here are thoughts back from 2012 on having MVP alumnus status. Big thanks to those that shared less but maybe mentored more.

For anyone else interested in this award, 2017 will be even harder for a few reasons:
  1. Community members can get an SDL Web 8 developer license for research and sharing. The list is growing. Don't wait to get started.
  2. Alchemy.
  3. DXA.
  4. DD4T.
  5. The Next Big Thing in the Community (I've seen it. You're not ready for it. It's impressive.).
You may have read how to win my vote in a post from last year. That's old advice. To join the 2017 MVP class first join today's community. Then optionally see what everyone else is doing. And then share more than everyone else.

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