Quick Look Back at My First Year with SDL

A year after joining a great Professional Services organization, lots has changed both for me and in the technical community I enjoy.

Lots of Tridion Stuff Out There

I did my last community overview video in February. Here's an update in 30 71 seconds.

Can you believe that since last October we've seen the PowerTools rebooted, several GoogleCode projects, 20 new GitHub repositories, several dozen blog posts (I'm estimating 200), 700 Stack Overflow questions (and answers), and the StackExchange Tridion proposal reach 71% (from 12% in February)?

The four new Tridion bloggers in the video? I can't really take credit for them, but they did start sometime after I pitched blogging at the last kick-off. Hmmm? (okay, only one admitted I did influence his intention to blog)

Lots of Tridion Stuff for Me

I've had a chance to work with various:
  • industries including banking, retail, and insurance
  • consulting aspects including functional design, training, and code
  • technology/formats/customers such as previous Documentum Web Publisher customers, per-component presentation analytics, SDL Smart Target, SDL Media Manager, open source projects, GUI extensions, Core Service scripts, JSON/C#/DWT/etc, Experience Manager/New UI (!SiteEdit), and on and on
  • modes of transportation :-)
It's everything the team promised going in and then some. Personally, I've found the Midas Rule, trust, and a little enthusiasm all go a long way. Alright, "Year Two," here I come!

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  1. Apparently I missed a User Group:

    Welcome SDL Tridion User Group Benelux!


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