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Content Delivery Round-Up

If you haven't set up content delivery lately, check out the simplified "roles" description on SDL Live Content. If you're a customer or partner looking for access to TridionWorld be sure to visit the site and contact support for access. After you log on, see the documentation page for SDL Tridion 2011.

RTM is all you really need (plus time and experience), but for more installation background, see:
SDL Tridion MVP Dominic Cronin has some excellent CD-install-related tools as well.
Continue sharing your experiences and we will one day solve Tridion content-delivery-setup once and for all. Ten years from now we will scoff at XML config files and wonder why we didn't always configure servers by using voice-finger-print-and-DNA-recognition with in-the-air-hand-and-finger-gestures (it'll be something like Google Motion + biometrics).
Content delivery will be important if you're planning on using the next version of SDL Tridion inline editing (SiteEdit).


Questions? Answers!
David Houlker started a Stack Exchange proposal for Tridion Q&A. I've written, tweeted, and sent personal Linked-In invites about it so no need to go into details here. Consider this a reminder to remind others; a meta-reminder if you will. If you keep voting (happy Valentine's, we're at the commitment stage), it will likely be one of the main places go for Tridion-related answers.


I'm one of a few new guest bloggers on Tridion Developer. Be sure to check it out. If we keep it up, it will likely be one of the main places to go for Tridion-related content. It's almost like having an alter online identity, except well that one has my full real name.

Speaking about the past, present, and future of the Tridion community. It's been nearly one year since I started blogging about Tridion. I can only take credit for lots of spam, but does the Tridion community feel different than a year ago?

It's only going to get better and you're helping to shape that future. </cheesiness> Sorry, I'm prepping for a speech on blogging!

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  1. A psuedo code alternative so @puf has something to read besides/despite the prose.

    while (ContentDelivery.installation = EnumVariousPossibilities.Fail)

    if TridionSEProposal.committed > 200
       TridionSEProposal.status = beta;
       // and we can start answering the questions

    foreach (var mvp in TridionMVPs)
    // not quite there, but closer to what you were hoping for


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