Tridion-Influenced Business Analysis

I'm wrapping up my bachelor's of science in information technology (I find the abbreviation "BS IT" amusing and odd at the same time). One of the last few classes is covering ERP implementations and as much as I try to think in broad terms of software that touches the enterprise, I keep coming back to my experience with Tridion for comparison.

I'm sure there's just cause to ridicule my narrow view, but I feel I've seen a good deal of the "typical" concerns and issues in the smaller subset of "enterprise" WCMS (Web content management systems), specifically SDL Tridion R5.3 in a corporate environment!

We had requirements, a procurement process that included expert advice and an RFI (we skipped the RFP), demos, and paperwork. We had to design the architecture, get training, and develop a phased/parallel implementation plan. Servers, troubleshooting, and testing... we seemed to have most, if not all the pieces of a sort of "mini" enterprise system.

I've learned, however, not to brandish the term "enterprise" so easily. Sellers may like to refer to their enterprise software--it may be enterprise-class or used by much of the company, but there's a distinction between such software and an ERP.

Thoughts? Does learning, working with, or implementing a WCMS like Tridion prepare analysts to better understand larger systems? Do the skills translate to something like a SharePoint implementation or SAP?

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  1. Oddly enough, my last project was with helping the business side and IT select and manage "WFM" (workforce management for call center scheduling). We looked at two vendors and one of the sales reps previously worked at the competing vendor (just like WCM). Final pricing was comparable, licensing arrangements were similar, and sales engagement felt familiar.

    Next up is a possible FMIS, which is closer to an actual ERP (or at least ERP module) than the last "WxM" implementations.


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