SDL Tridion 2011 Favorites Feature

This isn't about my favorite SDL Tridion CME feature (that's currently a tie between BluePrinting and Where Used?), but a quick video on how a content author can save favorites.
The "send to my favorites" feature was especially useful with Tridion R5.3, where the browser didn't show "bookmark-able" URLs. We can now directly link to items via the browser address bar, but it helps to have these built-in options in the same place that authors do their work. Can you guess where the data is saved?

30 Seconds

Setting Camstudio to 30 seconds, I miss the cut-off by a split moment. Hopefully you'll get the idea from the video.

Ooh, A Favorite. What's the Big Deal?

The introduction of a Web content management system often involves a change in content ownership, new responsibilities, mandatory (and sometimes missed) training, and the occasional quirks and bugs that come with any new technology.

I feel we owe some love to the authors to make the content management experience at least a little smoother. Use this to go to your specific folders and avoid my #1 Tridion tip for would-be content authors:
When in doubt, check what publication you're in.
Happy authoring!