About MyBlogLog

About MyBlogLog

One of my favorite features of the Web is the ability to find like-minded users and communities covering all kinds of interesting topics.

The MyBlogLog Yahoo service attempts to join, connect, and build communities around blog readerships. It lets you connect your various existing online services through . It also lets blog readers interact on a level higher than just comments left on posts.

I'm going to give it a try. While I do enjoy the single sign-on features of Web services such as Yahoo, Google, and Windows Live -- connecting several of my existing online presences is both exciting and scary!

I think the pros could be the creation of more accountability online and greater chances for online social connections between like-minded blog readers. The cons follow the same idea in that the level of exposure is increased and users may find themselves accountable for comments and attitudes that were much more "passable" when made anonymously.

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