Less is More? Just Enough is More.

Take a look at your last boarding pass or your next one if you haven't traveled lately.

Source Stock.Xchang

What's on it?
  • Airline?
  • Gate Number?
  • Departure time?
  • Or Boarding time?
  • Arrival time? No, why not?
Notice what's not on there. As a "user of boarding passes" I appreciate the fact the numbers, times, and information are completely relevant to what I'm trying to do at the time, which is usually getting my butt to the gate with time to spare.
Next time you're thinking about content, maybe as part of a content model in a "Lift and Shift" CMS Project or even in your next PowerPoint slide deck, consider a less-is-more approach.

Or better yet, measure the impact of your content in the context it's used and go for just-enough-is-more.

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