Happy Hallowsgiving

People remember results more than a missed deadline... most of the time.

Okay so it's a little late, but the office had some left-over pumpkins we figured we'd carve anyways.

Team member Hao copied the logo design but free-styled the "Tridion" graffiti outline, relying on artistic talent that he admits doesn't transfer to graphic software (and yup we could use just a little photo-editing!).
After he cut out the letters, the rest of us orange-handed participants attempted to carve out the details. Emphasis on the "attempt."

We now have deeper respect for true pumpkin/gourd/squash carvers.

If you don't recognize the design, that's okay neither do we.

Too late for Halloween and too early for Thanksgiving? Happy Hallowsgiving!!


  1. Awesomeness!

    Did you guys compete/win the SDL Pumpkin Carving contest?

  2. There was a local competition for the San Jose office building complex, but nothing for SDL itself (that we knew of).

    We would have been too late to win either, but it was plenty of fun, right up to the point we started carving and realized talk and drawings are cheap. Execution and actual carving take some effort!


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