Create And Break: The TL;DR Book!

After three years of making up the majority of all SDL Tridion blog posts, it's time to announce my book. The tentative title will be:
The TL;DR Book about Business Analysis, SDL Tridion, and Contextual Experiences by Business Alveenus Maximus

Read on for a flavor of this book, which like my blog, many will acknowledge, but few will read:

Excerpt #1: The Quote

"...quantity of the previous heights on you. The business-driven setups, rights on in working lots, and approach..."

The Catch with Embedded Link Schemas in Tridion

Re-use is great, except when it sucks is not-so-great.

Many (all) SDL Tridion implementations include an embedded Schema (content entry definition for a subset of fields) with something like the following:
  • Text
  • Internal Link
  • External Link
If you already know Tridion, the tl;dr lesson for this post is: please do not use generic (text, component/external embedded) links when injecting content (creating a Component Presentation based on a linked Component).

This embedded link Schema lets you re-use this set of fields in other Schemas (read about how others handle this embedded Schema for links).

Description field tip: I like the SDL Tridion Standard Reference Implementation's (STRI) description for the external link, which adds "-- OR -- " as a prefix, so it's clear to editors to make a Component or External (http:// or relative) link. See other field-naming ideas in my training Tridion post.