Getting Started with SDL Tridion Sites Community in 2018

If you’re new or haven’t seen them in a while, here are some great places to (re)start with the SDL Tridion Sites Community:

  1. The SDL Tridion Sites group on SDL Community, especially the Developers group if you’re technical (start with Jan Horsman's Community Review posts).
  2. The SDL AppStore for extensions and the community-created Alchemy Web Store.
  3. Tridion Stack Exchange for Q&A from the implementer community
  4. Blogger or Wordpress to start or revisit an old blog.
  5. if you want to blog with other Tridionauts, but outside of SDL (not my first preference, but no problem for externals)
  6. Consider attending or presenting (again) at the Tridion Developer Summit.
The hardest part of participating in the community is realizing you have something to contribute and then giving yourself permission to share.

The second hardest part is doing it again. :-)

CMS Vision 4: Rise of the Machines

If I can read the text, give me the text in human and machine-readable format.

If I can interact with it, let a machine interact with it.

If I can see some content, list, or relationship in my CMS, let me give the same information in the format of my colleague's preferred tool.

Properly labeled elements for users and machines, or semantics if you want to get pedantic, will/is giving give rise to the machines that will help the humans.*

*Remaining humans if you subscribe to a dystopian view of the singularity.